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Physical Education and Sport at School in Europe

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Educação Física e Desporto nas escolas europeias

Numa altura em que se discute em Portugal a situação de educação física na escola, a Eurydice, apresenta um relatório sobre o tema.

"Physical education at school not only contributes to pupils' immediate fitness and good health, but also helps young people to perform and understand physical activity better with positive lifelong repercussions. Moreover, physical education at school brings about transferable knowledgeand skills, such as teamwork and fair play, cultivates respect, body and social awareness and provides a general understanding of the 'rules of the game', which students can readily make use of in other school subjects or life situations." in Physical Education and Sport at School in Europe Highlights

Relativamente às atividades extracurriculares:

"Extracurricular physical activities offered outside of school time, such as competitions or health-related activities, are designed to make physical activities even more accessible and attractive to young people. Their main purpose is to broaden or complement activities undertaken during school time. Extracurricular physical activities are organised at national, regional, local and very often at school level.
While extracurricular activities are available for all pupils, they also target children with disabilities or special educational needs. Some extracurricular activities even take place during the school day. Indeed, in some countries physical education is not limited to physical education classes, but is integrated into the daily school routine. In many Danish schools, for example, students practice 'morning running' before school starts. Other countries use extended school breaks to include physical activities on the playground or in the gym. "
in Physical Education and Sport at School in Europe Highlights

Como verificamos nos países europeus analisados, a educação física tem um tempo curricular inferior ao de outras áreas disciplinares.

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